About Aroostook County

"The County"

Aroostook (pronounced “ah-roo-stick”) County is named for the Aroostook River that flows through it.  Aroostook is a Native American word that means “Beautiful River”.  Our love for “The County”, as it is fondly known, stems from the breathtaking beauty we experience daily living here.  The rolling hills are punctuated with a mix of farm fields and woods, and the big sunny blue skies makes you stop and take a breath.  But then, so will the orange moon rising on a clear night.

Aroostook county is the northernmost county in Maine, and is the largest county east of the Mississippi.  Despite its vast size, it consists of less than 6% of the state’s population, with a density of only 11 people per square mile.  It is bordered by the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec.  Farming has long been a tradition in this area, with potatoes being the biggest economic and cultural influence.  It is only natural for hops to flourish and thrive in the rich Aroostook county soil and ample sunshine.

 The views from the hop yard at Aroostook Hops are truly inspiring.  To the east, you can see Mars Hill Mountain with its 28 wind turbines and the Bigrock ski area.  To the northwest is a beautiful view of the double peaks of Quaggy Jo Mountain in Aroostook State Park.  The colorful sunsets over the western ridge are breathtaking each and every evening.  We are surrounded by woods and farm fields of potatoes, broccoli, and grain.  in fact, many years our hop yard is bordered by a big field of barley.

We do appreciate life here, and we look forward to bringing some of “The County” to you in a hoppy brew!