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Farm visits/tours and hops growing resources:
We are excited to see the high level of interest in hops growing from people in Maine and all over the Northeast!  Though we cannot accommodate each request for on-site visits/tours, we welcome visitors for a fall hop harvest party annually, usually held on Labor Day weekend.  This is an opportunity for people to come tour a hopyard, see our mechanical hop harvester in action, feel and smell ripe hop cones, and learn about processing hops after harvesting.  Information about this event is posted on both our Facebook page and our website each August.

We are happy to answer questions via email – please use the contact form above or email krista 'at'
 There are a few great resources out there for those interested in growing hops that we have found to be invaluable.  The Hops team at the UVM extensionhas a wonderful page with ever updating information on all aspects of hops production.  The Northeast Hops Alliance (NeHA) is associated with Cornell’s cooperative extension, and has a wealth of information available.  Michigan State University (MSU) extension also has great resources and information for interested growers.  Finally, the original “bible” of small-scale organic hops production (the only information available when we started long ago!) is available on Rebecca Kneen’s Crannog Ales website.

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